GIZ, a multinational with over 50 years of experience in a wide variety of areas, including economic development & employment promotion, energy and the environment, has entered into a partnership with TDI Global Limited to empower youths in Ghana to get dignifying jobs for life success.

In executing this engagement, TDI Global Limited brings its internationally top-rated process that is anchored on My3D programme. The implementation, which commenced in second-week of August 2021 began with a career pathway assessment (CPA) of the prospective candidates for the programme. My3D (Discover, Develop and Deploy) uses a three-layered approach to optimize the skills of people for employability, thus making them attractive to employers. In the Discover phase, the youth will go through a SELF-DISCOVERY assessment to discover their competency and leadership skills strength and gaps. In the Develop phase, they address their gaps in relation to their career pathways. In the Deploy phase, the youth are attached to relevant employers where they apply their skills and gain on-the-job experience for career progression. Youth who have gone through My3D programme are call “My3D Scholars”.

My3D programme is scaled through a world class digital technology platform where people go through the three layered-pillars of Discover, Develop and Deploy in a structured manner in order to assess level of competence, develop their strengths in specific areas and improve gaps through customized learning methods. The deploy stage on the platform allows them to upload evidence of application of their knowledge at work.

The programme has triggered tremendous interest by prospective employers who are requesting that My3D Scholars be deployed to their organization. 

At TDI Global Limited, we are committed to contributing to Africa’s development and growth using innovative and digital approach. We equip people with the right skills to navigate the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world, see opportunities and leverage them to the fullest.

We commend GIZ for investing in the youth. We believe this partnership with GIZ will help close the skills/work experience gap, encourage organizations to create more jobs for the trained Scholars and enable the youth to fully reap the benefits Africa offers as a continent. We encourage the governments, agencies and other developmental partners to join in exploring this new way to removing barriers to job opportunities through investing in innovative partnerships that drive skills development and job creation.

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